upper limit to df reported available size?

Jay K jay.krell@cornell.edu
Sat Dec 11 01:51:00 GMT 2010

 >  I guess what we really need
 > is to redefine fsblkcnt_t to become a 64 bit type. Oh well, this
 > requires another backward compatibility hack, just like back when we
 > switched to 64 bit off_t (Cygwin 1.5). Let's do it at the same time as
 > we change sigset_t and time_t to 64-bits(with knock-on effects to
 > struct stat, among others). In other words,all good changes, but certainly
 > something that will take a lot ofplanning to pull off in one go.
Can you fix the jmp_buf size then too maybe?
It is blown up by a factor of 4.
I realize it has less/no value to fixing.
But I'm not sure how changing the others won't require *everything*
(just about) to be recompiled anyway. Maybe you rename functions somehow?
 - Jay


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