Glut Problem

Klaus Ramstöck
Mon Dec 13 16:06:00 GMT 2010

Am 12.12.2010 21:33, schrieb Reini Urban:
> 2010/12/9 Klaus Ramstöck:
>> Am 08.12.2010 18:33, schrieb André Bleau:
>>>> int button, state;
>>>>  ((GLUTbuttonBoxFCBUSR)__glutGetFCB(GLUT_FCB_BUTTON_BOX))(&button, &state);
> Can you try it with long for button and state?
> Fortran calling conventions are weird, und usually require argument padding.
Same Problem, as to be expcted. This code is never executed. It's the
reference to __glutGetFCB which is not satisified by the .dll that
causes the Problem.

PS: Sorry Reini, I used the wrong reply button

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