Cygwin 1.7.7: intermittent Perl "unable to remap *.dll" error with Windows 7/2008R2

Daniel Colascione
Fri Dec 17 06:20:00 GMT 2010

On 12/16/10 4:25 PM, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> On 12/16/2010 5:34 PM, Manfred Brabec wrote:
>> Hello Corinna,
>> Cygwin is really great, but has huge stability problems running on top of
>> Windows 7 or Windows 2008R2 (both 64Bit).
>> When running Perl scipts, they intermittent stop with fatal error
>> "unable to
>> remap" any dll. When you try to run the perl script several times,
>> then it
>> will work again for one or if you are lucky for many times.
>> Unsuccessful workarounds so far:
>> 1. ash -> rebaseall: does not solve the problem.
> For perl, you need perlrebase.  rebaseall doesn't know about all the perl
> modules that you may have installed.

Why doesn't rebase just look for all DLLs in the usual Cygwin locations
instead of using the package database?

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