Errors in Exim, rebaseall, inetd.

Ross Hemingway
Fri Dec 17 14:34:00 GMT 2010

I have installed cygwin and Exim into 3 different Server 2008R2 (64bit). 
  I'd like to report the following errors that are consistent through 
out.  This applies to all version of 1.7.x so far.

1/ Exim install script does not complete through the regular setup.exe 
system.  The script never gets its .done file extension, so it pops up 
an error "did not complete", but it does seem to have completed its 
install task regardless.

2/ Exim will not run error free, until you do a "rebaseall" on the 
installed cygwin.  The errors are seen when it tries to do a mailing, 
and it creates a lot of "permissions access errors".  Rebasing the 
system fixes it.

3/  rebaseall script has a fault on line 91, where   if [ ! -w "$TmpDir" 
].    This always returns an error, despite the file location being OK 
and writable.  It's probably a permission issue again.  If we comment 
out this code part, the script does its job OK.

4/  inetd.exe:  This is not an error, but a big inconvenience.  When 
this inetd is installed as a service (cygrunsrv -I), and then started as 
a service (net start inetd), it does not keep a Services.msc presence. 
Hence you cannot stop it (net stop inetd).  The only way to stop it is 
with a force kill process on the inetd.exe.



Ross Hemingway

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