Errors in Exim, rebaseall, inetd.

Pierre A. Humblet
Fri Dec 17 15:32:00 GMT 2010

At 06:46 AM 12/17/2010, Ross Hemingway wrote:
>I have installed cygwin and Exim into 3 different Server 2008R2 
>(64bit).  I'd like to report the following errors that are 
>consistent through out.  This applies to all version of 1.7.x so far.
>1/ Exim install script does not complete through the regular 
>setup.exe system.  The script never gets its .done file extension, 
>so it pops up an error "did not complete", but it does seem to have 
>completed its install task regardless.
>2/ Exim will not run error free, until you do a "rebaseall" on the 
>installed cygwin.  The errors are seen when it tries to do a 
>mailing, and it creates a lot of "permissions access 
>errors".  Rebasing the system fixes it.
>3/  rebaseall script has a fault on line 91, where   if [ ! -w 
>"$TmpDir" ].    This always returns an error, despite the file 
>location being OK and writable.  It's probably a permission issue 
>again.  If we comment out this code part, the script does its job OK.
>4/  inetd.exe:  This is not an error, but a big inconvenience.  When 
>this inetd is installed as a service (cygrunsrv -I), and then 
>started as a service (net start inetd), it does not keep a 
>Services.msc presence. Hence you cannot stop it (net stop 
>inetd).  The only way to stop it is with a force kill process on the inetd.exe.

Thanks for the report about exim. The need to rebaseall on many 
systems has already
been mentioned several times. I will make sure that this is clear in 
the documentation
and perhaps add a warning in exim-config.
About the postinstall, it's the first time this problem is reported. 
Has setup changed its
criterion to add the "done" extension ? It is normal for the last 
command in the script
to fail.


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