Is part of gcc3 missing?

Andy Koppe
Tue Nov 2 20:56:00 GMT 2010

On 2 November 2010 19:57, Lee Maschmeyer wrote:
> Gentlefolk,
> For the past couple years or more I've been building a program, brltty, from
> its subversion development stream. The only problems I had were in that
> stream and they were fixed quite rapidly by the developer, in large measure
> because of my reports.
> The last time I was able to build it successfully was on October 11. Since
> then I've been getting the error detailed in the attachments. I'm almost
> positive the problem is an update to gcc or one of its henchmen because I've
> downdated brltty from 5400, which no longer successfully builds, all the way
> back to 5300 with no success.
> I hope it's not providing too much information, but I've attached (yes,
> really :-) not only cygcheck -svr but also the typescript of the make
> session and config.log. Note that I'm using gcc3 because 4 has never worked.
> (That's a known problem however and we hope will be fixed in the next gcc
> update.)

The typescript shows the following error:

ocamlmklib -L./../../Programs -lbrlapi -oc brlapi_stubs brlapi_stubs.o
** Fatal error: Cannot find file "libgcc_s"

libgcc_s ships with gcc4 only, so it looks like ocaml depends on gcc4
now, probably since its recent update.

You may not need the OCaml bindings being built there though. I see
you can disable them with the --disable-caml-bindings configure


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