[patch 2/8] Document EXECIGNORE in Cygwin readme

Jeremy Bopp jeremy@bopp.net
Tue Nov 2 21:46:00 GMT 2010

On 11/2/2010 3:48 PM, dan.colascione@gmail.com wrote:
> Index: bash-3.2/CYGWIN-PATCHES/bash.README
> ===================================================================
> --- bash-3.2.orig/CYGWIN-PATCHES/bash.README
> +++ bash-3.2/CYGWIN-PATCHES/bash.README
> @@ -55,7 +55,14 @@ is on a binary mount with igncr disabled
>  would be text mounts with igncr disabled and no \r in the underlying file.
>  Next would be binary mounts with igncr enabled.  And the slowest that bash
>  will operate is on text mounts with igncr enabled.
> -8. If you don't like how bash behaves, then propose a patch, rather than
> +8. This version of bash has a new special variable EXECIGNORE. It is a
> +colon-separated list of extended glob patterns. If a file's full path
> +matches one of these, it is no considered executable for the purposes
That should be "not" instead of "no".

> +of completion and PATH searching. The `test', `[', and `[[' builtins
> +are not affected. Use this variable to prevent non-executables
> +uselessly appearing in completion lists; EXECIGNORE=*.dll is quite
> +useful.
> +9. If you don't like how bash behaves, then propose a patch, rather than
>  proposing idle ideas.  This turn of events has already been talked to
>  death on the mailing lists by people with many ideas, but few patches.


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