Irssi core dump

Reini Urban
Thu Nov 4 10:15:00 GMT 2010

2010/11/4 Linux User:
> I have been having issues with Irssi under CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 on Windows 7 64Bit
> with screen curruption and cord dumps. This error appear the same whenever I run Irssi,
> if this can help, here's a discription of the error I recieve multiple times in the status window:
> Attempt to free unreferenced scalar: SV 0x104af8e8, Perl interpreter: 0x104af3b8.
> If there is a workaround, that would be great, and should I report a bug?
> Any information, Debug whatever, let me know so I can help fix this.
> P.S. Two users reported the same issue

I'm  the perl maintainer, and it looks like a bug in the perl binding of irssi.
Needs some debugging.
Can you tell me how to reproduce it?
I'm only having Win7 32 bit and for me irssi works fine, but I'm using
no embedded scripts.

$ irssi
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Reini Urban

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