Cygwin paths in mingw64

Andy Koppe
Thu Nov 4 18:22:00 GMT 2010

On 4 November 2010 17:22, LionAM wrote:
> Do I understand it right that the program would have to use the cygwin dlls
> - which, however, are 32bit. And it is not possible to run a 64bit-program
> using these dlls.

Correct. (I guess there will be a 64-bit Cygwin eventually, but there
are no plans for it at the moment.)

> The problem I have: I would like to build Atlas in Window - it works using
> the 32bit version with cygwin-gcc. However, I need the 64bit version as the
> total memory of my application is larger than the usable 2 GB.

Yep, sounds like a good use case for a hypothetical 64-bit Cygwin.

> Is there any alternative to cygwin to run the configure script and the make?

Yes, but they're obviously off-topic for this list. The mingw64
project may help with you that.

I think the list would be interested in hearing what problems exactly
you're having though. Your original message seemed to say that you had
successfully used Cygwin's mingw64-x86_64 toolchain to build your


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