Cygwin paths in mingw64

Thu Nov 4 18:44:00 GMT 2010


> Yes, but they're obviously off-topic for this list. The mingw64
> project may help with you that.

I have already tried MSYS with mingw64, but had the same problem as with the
mingw64 in cygwin - the programs are compiled as native Windows programs. So
that the command "./file.exe" cannot be executed ("." - command not found).

> I think the list would be interested in hearing what problems exactly
> you're having though. Your original message seemed to say that you had
> successfully used Cygwin's mingw64-x86_64 toolchain to build your
> program.

Atlas did not work - it already stops in the configure script. However,
abinit seems to build fine, although the tests do not work (e.g., make
tests_min) as the test file names are passed in cygwin style.

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