Cygwin paths in mingw64

Andy Koppe
Fri Nov 5 05:36:00 GMT 2010

On 4 November 2010 18:43, LionAM wrote:
>> Yes, but they're obviously off-topic for this list. The mingw64
>> project may help with you that.
> I have already tried MSYS with mingw64, but had the same problem as with the
> mingw64 in cygwin - the programs are compiled as native Windows programs. So
> that the command "./file.exe" cannot be executed ("." - command not found).
>> I think the list would be interested in hearing what problems exactly
>> you're having though. Your original message seemed to say that you had
>> successfully used Cygwin's mingw64-x86_64 toolchain to build your
>> program.
> Atlas did not work - it already stops in the configure script. However,
> abinit seems to build fine, although the tests do not work (e.g., make
> tests_min) as the test file names are passed in cygwin style.

I'm afraid this discussion won't get anywhere without proper details
of what you did and what went wrong, including the error messages.
Also, do keep in mind that people here are unlikely to be familiar
with Atlas ( I certainly know
nothing about it, and you got me quite confused by jumping between
requirements regarding the build system and the actual program.


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