File name completion broken in 1.7.7?

Andy Hall
Sat Nov 6 00:33:00 GMT 2010

On 11/5/2010 David Rothenberger wrote:
> On 11/5/2010 10:13 AM, Andy Hall wrote:
> > I have recently upgraded to 1.7.7 from 1.5.X.  In 1.5.X, it used to be
> that
> > in bash I could type lines like
> >
> > 	P4 edit hydra_c
> >
> > and hit the tab key to complete the file name.  A command like
> >
> > 	p4 edit hydra_config
> >
> > would be then executed.
> >
> > In 1.7.7, when I type
> >
> > 	P4 edit hydra_c
> >
> > and hit the tab key to complete the file name, I get the text "bash:
> > _get_comp_words_by_ref(): `preprev': unknown argument"
> > followed by the missing part of the filename.
> I believe the bash-completion package is installed. It includes
> /etc/bash_completion.d/p4 which is causing your problems. The version of
> bash-completion included with 1.5 was not enabled by default, but the
> current version is. This is why the problem surfaced with 1.7. (Note
> that it has nothing to do with the Cygwin version but the version of
> bash-completion instead.)
> You can uninstall the bash-completion package if you don't want it at
> all (which is probably true since you hadn't enabled it in 1.5) or
> remove the /etc/bash_completion.d/p4 file.
> (Personally, I created a /etc/bash_completion.d/disabled directory and
> moved the files I didn't want there, for performance. I suspect I'll
> have to manually repeat this every time I update bash-completion. There
> may be a better "official" way to disable parts of bash-completion.)
> --
> David Rothenberger  ----
> Finagle's First Law:
>         If an experiment works, something has gone wrong.

Yes, bash-completion was installed.  As I was not relying on it, I took your
advice and uninstalled it.  One thing I immediately noticed is that bash
starts up much, much faster.  Prior to uninstalling bash-completion, there
was a noticeable (and annoying) delay between clicking on my desktop Cygwin
shortcut and the time a bash prompt appeared!

Thanks for the help.

Andy Hall

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