Cygwin not able to read C:\windows\system32 on Win7-64. Workaround?

Linda Walsh
Sun Nov 7 10:38:00 GMT 2010

I got a minor surprise when looking for screen savers 
on my system using 'locate .scr'...
It returned 9 files under /Windows/System32 and
the same 9 under /Windows/SysWOW64.

Turns out that for 32bit processes system32 points to syswow64 (and all of my graphics heavy, OpenGL screen savers are in 64-bit to make use of the faster math).

Is there some workaround for finding/accessing all the files that are hidden from 32-bit processes like the registry's /proc/registry64?  
A general way would be desired since
even though I know about /windows/system32 pointing 32-bit procs to
sysWOW64, I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what other
directories (or files?) might hidden from from a 32-bit cygwin.


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