Incorrect PATH setting in setup.exe results in Postinstall script errors, .sh exit code 127

Schwarz, Konrad
Tue Nov 9 09:50:00 GMT 2010


I just updated my Cygwin installation using a newly 
downloaded setup.exe.  At the beginning of the script, I am 
warned that I am updating to Cygwin 1.7.1, please read 
various manuals (I recently upgraded a different computer 
without difficulties and kind of remembered that none of the 
mentioned caveats were particularly serious for me).

At the end of the installation process, a dialog box pops up 
stating that postinstall script errors had occurred, and a 
list of lines " exit code 127".  Starting the 
Cygwin DOS box works.  However, PATH is set incorrectly; 
typing vi finds it in my SFU installation (which doesn't work 
with a cygwin terminal).  Re-executing startup.exe returns 
the same postinstall script error message.

The root cause for the postinstall scripts errors is the 
incorrect PATH, as the shell returns 127 to indicate command 
not found.  On the other hand, I would have expected PATH to 
be set in one of the postinstall scripts.

Starting setup.exe from the Windows command line with PATH 
prefixed with {cygwin install directory}\bin gets rid of the 
error messages; the packages are installed sucessfully.

However, I do get a Postinstall script error "Package: no 
package\n\ exit code 1\n".  This is probably 
unrelated to the problem reported here.

Konrad Schwarz

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