Syntax highlighting not working in vim73

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue Nov 9 22:09:00 GMT 2010

On 11/9/2010 4:26 PM, Harrington, John wrote:
> Larry Hall, responding to my earlier posting, suggested I post a follow-up
> following the reporting guidelines.
> See my root post for the general description.
> Larry suggested I move all my configuration files out of the way, open my
> .bashrc and type :syntax on.
> I moved my vimrc and .vimrc files to a temp dir from ~ and user/share/vim and
> usr/share/vim73 and opened a new window.  :syntax on still does not work.
> I tried moving my .profile and .bashrc files as well.  :syntax on still does
> not work.
> I enclose my cygcheck log.

Thanks.  I'd suggest the following:

   1. Remove all paths containing C:/utils from your PATH environment variable.
   2. Reinstall the 'vim' package via 'setup.exe'.
   3. Try the test I outlined in my previous email again.

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