copy cygwin installation to a different location and preserving all "cygwin" rights

Thomas Jung
Wed Nov 10 13:50:00 GMT 2010


I would like to "move" my cygwin installation to
a different location, but preserving the usual paths to
all the apps by using a junction point to that moved/copied
subtree of cygwin.

The 1st main problem ist that copy/move with the windows
explorer (xcopy) doesn't preserve all the rights.

How can I copy the whole cygwin subtree to a new location
an preserving all the "cgwin/unix-styled" rights (I don't mean the
windows rights)

With windows it would look like:

xcopy C:\cygwin\*.* H:\cygwin\ /e /y
move C:\cygwin C:\cygwinOld
mklink /j C:\cygwin H:\cygwin

But that doesn't preserve the usual "unix" rights inside the cygwin
installation. But how can I do such a task?


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