Typing trouble?

Leonid Sadikov leoniusleonius@gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 18:04:00 GMT 2010

> At 10:24 AM 12/13/2000, Richard Dixon wrote:
> >Dear All,
> >
> >A novice's question here - just got Cygwin running using an older version
> >(a 10MB-or-so executable containing all the relevant files).
> >
> >It seems to be OK in terms of running but when typing in the bash shell,
> >there are lots of beeps and any letters I type often delete the previous
> >letter or shift the last letter written along one - e.g. typing abcdef
> >might come up as abcdfe (and no I've typed this in very slowly so it's not
> >me!) - and it's very infuriating.
> >
> >Just wondered if anyone else has had this peculiar trouble and whether
> >there was any sort of patch released that might cure it.
> >
> >Many thanks in advance,
> >Richard (rdixon@met.rdg.ac.uk)
> >
> >
> If the package you got contains a cygwin1.dll, try removing it in favor of
> the current one (which you can download from www.cygwin.com if you don't
> have it already).  If it contains a cygwinb19.dll, remove it and try copying
> the latest cygwin1.dll to cygwinb19.dll.  As I recall, the current DLL is
> binary compatible with B20 and B19, so these procedures should "upgrade"
> you directly.  If you have some release before B19, your only option is
> to rebuild with the latest and greatest.  Of course, this is an option even
> if you have something working with B19 or later!;-)

Have encountered same behaviour with todays version of Cygwin on OS Windows 7.
( Firstly i was disappointed and wanted to throw Cygwin away. )
Solved by Windows reboot.

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