bash-completion 1.2-1 breaks bash with tail -f

Alpha Fighter
Thu Nov 11 21:26:00 GMT 2010

I've run into an issue with bash-completion v1.2-1.  After I tail -f a file and then press ctrl-c to stop tailing I can no longer see any text I type.  My text is being entered, just not being ... echoed back.

This does not happen after uninstalling 1.2-1.  It also does not happen if I downgrade to bash-completion v1.1-2.  I experienced this on a fresh clean install of cygwin (with bash-completion 1.2-1 of course).

This has been a maddening problem for me the past few days.  Hopefully this post will save some time for anyone else running into this problem.

-- David Dolinar

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