Problem with date after date is modified in scripts

Raman Ravi
Sat Nov 13 10:05:00 GMT 2010


I have a test harness, on WIndows 2k3, which has 3 sh scripts (the terminal
is using tcsh)


1. In, I have to change the date to 235830 of the current day-
so I call

date $mm${dd}2358.30

This works fine

2. After the test is run using

3. In, I set the machine clock back to "normal" by syncing
with a different server, using

net time "\\TMSERVER" /set /yes

Here is the issue:
The windows clock shows the correct time but when I run date in
any shell (newly created or existing)

the date is being returned as though step 3 did not ever happen.

At this point of time, the machine time is 2010-11-13 02:01:00 but
date in a tcsh/bash is reporting it as

Sun Nov 14 03:37:43 PST 2010

WOuld appreciate some help in understanding and more importantly resolving
this issue.


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