cygserver shuts down 'unexpectedly

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Nov 15 15:54:00 GMT 2010

On Oct 27 05:07, Jeff Rancier wrote:
> Is there a timeout for cygserver? After running for a while, I get the following 
> in the terminal:
> $ cygserver: All pending requests processed
> cygserver: No longer accepting requests - cygwin will operate in daemonless mode
> cygserver: All outstanding process-cache activities completed
> cygserver: Shutdown finished.
> [1]+  Done                    /usr/sbin/cygserver -f /etc/cygserver.conf 
> --log-level 7  (wd: ~)
> (wd now: /srv/www/htdocs)

There's no timeout.  Cygserver only shuts down if it gets one of the
signals SIGHUP, SIGINT or SIGTERM, or if the shutdown message is send,
for instance by using `cygserver -S'.


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