Hyperthreading problem creates a hang

Tim Prince n8tm@aol.com
Thu Nov 18 13:28:00 GMT 2010

On 11/18/2010 2:25 AM, paritosh chandragupta wrote:
> Hi folks ,
> I am hitting the following problem while using gmake :-
> 617 [exiting thread] gmake 9576 cygthread::stub: erroneous thread
> activation , name is NULL .
> Now I am indeed using an old cygwin version and can not update it due to
> dependency issues . Do you have a workaround for this problem ?
> As per my understanding this problem will not be seen if we limit the
> maximum number of threads for a process on cygwin (this will of course
> make it slower , but that is fine ) . Am I Correct ?
> If yes , how can we do it for cygwin ?
I have been using make -j 4 .... in cygwin for 10 years on the 4 
hyperthread Pentium D.  Is that not a solution for you? I never expected 
a performance improvement beyond that number of threads.  If you don't 
mean make which comes with cygwin, I don't see how you will get help 
without explaining your question.

Tim Prince

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