Vertical split in GNU screen

Andrew Schulman
Thu Nov 18 16:14:00 GMT 2010

> Is the vertical split feature of screen already integrated or has it 
> been abandoned? I found some discussion about it on the mailing list, 
> but it was never mentioned if the patch was stable or applied. When I 
> tried the key combination with | and V nothing happened. I would 
> appreciate having this feature for cygwin.

Yes, there was discussion a couple of months back.  Someone asked for the
feature, and I said I'd release a test version that included the patch, but
I never got around to it.  Sorry about that.

What I think I said at the time was that I'd tried the patch, and gave it
up because its behavior was undocumented and I couldn't figure out how to
make it work.  Its operation seemed quite confusing to me.  But I don't
know if that was just me, and it was working as intended; or if it was some
Cygwin-specific problem.

So, I Promise to post a test version within the next day or two that
includes the patch.  Those of you who want to use it will be responsible
for testing it, telling me whether you think it works, and if possible,
providing some simple instructions for using it, that I can include in the


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