File format problem after updatin to 1.7.1 - solved

Fri Nov 19 14:00:00 GMT 2010

Jeremy Bopp <jeremy <at>> writes:

> >
> Now that I'm looking specifically for this issue in the linked
> documentation, I see that there *is* a way to override the root
> mountpoint clearly described there.

Well Jeremy, it would have been helpful and accomodating of you to have jotted 
down the relevent info in the reply, rather than just simply saying "I know".

For everyone else, the clue is the override option.

So put this in /etc/fstab:
C:/cygwin/bin /usr/bin ntfs text,override
C:/cygwin/lib /usr/lib ntfs text,override
C:/cygwin / ntfs text,override

This sets everything to textmode. We use dos based editors and so we need this 
as everytime we edit it a script file somewhere in the system, it gets written 
as a dos mode file.

If you don't need eveything changed, then omit the appropriate lines as 

Hope this helps everyone


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