Perl-5.10.README: outdated information

Reini Urban
Sat Nov 27 17:43:00 GMT 2010

2010/11/27 Gerrit P. Haase:
> the Perl README states:
> ===
> - The CPAN repository and build directory *must* reside in a path
>  mounted in binmode:
>    mount -s -b -f c:/cygwin/home/username/.cpan /home/username/.cpan
>    mount -u -b -f c:/cygwin/home/username/.cpan /home/username/.cpan
>  where username is your home path and cygwin / windows username.
>  After mounting like this it should work with only few warnings or
>  completely without problems, depending on your environment settings
>  for the CYGWIN variable.

Thanks for the reminder.

> I just noticed this, no idea if it is still needed, and which command
> to issue to ensure the binmode option for the CPAN path.

text is new a POSIX-conformant option to mount, and hopefully nobody uses it
in /usr/src. But better be precise.

The mount option -o text is invalid for the perl src and ~/.cpan paths
Reini Urban 

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