<complex.h> for Cygwin?

Marco Atzeri marco_atzeri@yahoo.it
Fri Oct 1 18:02:00 GMT 2010

--- Ven 1/10/10, Jan Chludzinski  ha scritto:

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> That brings up a couple of
> questions:
> 1) I've found several web sites that offer a GSL package
> for 1.7 but
> why isn't it part of the library full install?

Setup.exe install as default only a minimal number
of packages: those under the "Base" category.
GSL is under the "Libs" category. 
You need to select it for installation.

> 2) Is there a "canonical" place to look for packages not in
> the install options?

During installation on "Select Package" window.
You can click on "View" to select different way to see all
available packages.  

There are 4 GSL package available, the first 2 are need
if you want to develop

gsl	the GNU Scientific Library: runtime
gsl-devel	the GNU Scientific Library: developers tools

gsl-apps	the GNU Scientific Library: application programs
gsl-doc	the GNU Scientific Library: documentation

see also

for the list of all available packages for cygwin and
about their content. 


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