Emacs Gnus elisp source?

Stephen Leake stephen.a.leake@nasa.gov
Mon Oct 4 19:11:00 GMT 2010

Stephen Leake <stephen.a.leake@nasa.gov> writes:

> Ken Brown <kbrown@cornell.edu> writes:
>> On 10/4/2010 1:07 PM, Stephen Leake wrote:
>>> I'm using the Cygwin X version of Emacs Gnus for email. I recently
>>> switched from some other version of TLS to the Cygwin gnutls.
>>> When I switched, it started prompting me for the send password with each
>>> email I send. Previously, it would cache the password somewhere.
>>> I'd like to debug this, but the elisp source files are missing, and I
>>> don't see how to get the Cygwin installer to install them.
>> The elisp source files are in the emacs-el package.
> Ah. I did look, but apparently I just didn't see that. Sorry for the
> noise.
> Now I can see the sources; thanks.

Just FYI, the problem turned out to be password-cache-expiry; it was set
to 16 seconds.

I had upgraded Emacs versions as well, apparently this is a new feature.

-- Stephe

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