rebaseall on [1.7] : first glitch for ages

Charles Wilson
Tue Oct 5 15:22:00 GMT 2010

On 10/5/2010 10:11 AM, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 10/5/2010 9:08 AM, Jason Tishler wrote:
>> rebase will skip some errors (e.g., when a DLL is not writable), but
>> will exit if FixImage() fails.  Maybe rebase should skip this error too?
> I don't think so -- what if the DLL was "partially" written, and some
> other failure occurred?  I'd want to know right away.  FixImage should
> probably, for now, just return without error if the image is 64bit.

I realize that last sentence was unclear. What I meant was, FixImage()
should check if the DLL is 64bit, and if so then *do nothing*, and
return without error.  OTOH, for 32bit DLLs, FixImage() should retain
its current behavior of returning WITH error if anything goes wrong.

At least, until rebase gains the ability to act on 64bit DLLs.


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