How do I remove/delete sSMTP?

René Berber
Tue Oct 5 22:07:00 GMT 2010

On 10/5/2010 4:58 PM, Blaine Miller wrote:

> I started this service and now need to turn it off and remove it. I've
> looked in the Windows Services panel and  can't seem to find ssmtp
> anywhere. I've also scanned the doc and faq on
> I can kill it, temporarily by grep-ing it from the  ps  and doing a kill
> -9 on the PID. This takes care of it till the next time I reboot the
> machine, I assume.  Within the cygwin/Windows framework how do I
> permanently remove this application?

Its not a service, just a program.

I assume your cron jobs are sending mail or something similar, you can
either disable it on the configuration, or uninstall it using setup.exe
(in that case cron will still send messages, but if everything reverts
fine, it will send them to a file).

By 'configuration' I really mean 2 possibilities, cron can be configured
to send or not send emails, and ssmtp's own configuration can also be
changed to not send messages.
René Berber

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