Problem with man and scrolling

Andy Koppe
Thu Oct 7 11:50:00 GMT 2010

On 6 October 2010 20:16, Richard Chapling wrote:
>  I am using man in Terminator, and when I scroll using the scroll wheel, it
> does nothing, whereas I want it to act as it would in Linux terminal
> emulators like Konsole, i.e. to scroll through the man page. How can I
> achieve this?

Terminator does not appear to have that feature, which requires the
terminal to send mousewheel events to the application as cursor key
presses instead of accessing the scrollback buffer. That's a matter
for the Terminator developers.

One Cygwin terminal that does have that feature is mintty (by yours
truly), which unlike Terminator is shipped with Cygwin and supported
on this mailing list.

(One caveat: with some mouse drivers, particularly touchpad ones,
mousewheel events don't even get to mintty if the window has an
inactive scrollbar. In that case, the only workaround is to disable
the scrollbar on the Window page of the options dialog.)


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