trouble posting to cygwin-apps

Christopher Faylor
Fri Oct 8 15:41:00 GMT 2010

On Fri, Oct 08, 2010 at 08:20:42AM +0200, SZAB? Gergely wrote:
>The mailing list does not accept html email, that's fair enough.
>The real problem is, it also bounces every email with a company
>disclaimer about intentions and original addressees.

>Well, the original addressee is cygwin at cygwin dot com, which is a public
>mailing list, readable even from Alpha Centauri (with 4 years delay).
>This policy is OK for most FOSS projects, but Cygwin should be an
>exception. I think Cygwin is used most by 3PPs within big companies
>where everybody _must_ use Windows and those disclaimers are always attached to
>outgoing mail. If you are a free and sane person, attracted to unixy stuff,
>you'd probably use Linux.
>Yes, I've read the posting instructions, and I know I should convince my
>employer to remove the disclaimers. What chance do you think I have to
>convince a 20000-employee company, where central IT is not even in my
>country? They also restrict access to private email from the office. 
>I know, I should leave them and/or buy a smartphone for emailing. :-)
>But my point is: the mailing list is cut off from its most important

As I think you understand, the cygwin-apps list, like every other list
at does not allow company disclaimers.  That
is not going to change.  We block the disclaimers because they are
intended to be legally binding directives and as such we do not want to
be encumbered.  This is a site-wide policy.  It is not malleable due to
the need of the people who want to send email.

Since the cygwin mailing list is always in the top two for site traffic
I think it's safe to say that we aren't suffering too much from this
restriction but, even if it was, I don't really ascribe to the notion
that we're suffering from lack of contributors to the project because we
block disclaimers.  As Eric Blake points out, there are plenty of ways
to get a message posted here without going through the corporate
firewall.  But, even if none of those are acceptable, it isn't really up
to the administrators at this site to accommodate your needs.


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