hostname command

Hans Jørgen Aagaard Jensen
Sat Oct 9 06:15:00 GMT 2010


"hostname" in cygwin does not accept the normal unix/linux options as "-f", "-d", etc.
"hostname -f" gives an error message.

We are using "hostname -f" when compiling our quantum chemistry package Dirac, it is used to specify the full domain name in the output of calculations. This is sometimes useful for tracking "where is this dirac.x compiled", if problems should arise which could be related to compiler problems or libraries or ....

I would therefore appreciate if someone would implement at least the "-f" option of the hostname command, so we don't get error messages instead of the hostname as output (and tells more about where than just dirac).

- Hans Jørgen Aa. Jensen.

PS. the builtin hostname in bash just ignore options. I am referring to /bin/hostname.exe.

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