Build Graphviz

Steven Woody
Tue Oct 12 03:21:00 GMT 2010

On 11 October 2010 11:49, Jeremy Bopp <> wrote:
> On 10/10/2010 09:44 PM, Steven Woody wrote:
>> It's strange ...  When use method of
>> '', I failed because I cannot found
>> graphviz package in the setup's package list window even though I did
>> see the package in the server's directory tree.
>> When use method of cygport directory, I also failed because cyyport
>> complained that 'php' is needed, it seems another port.  But  php is
>> likely a big family that contains a dozen of packages, that threatened
>> me :(
> The ports build by default tries to supply a number of support libraries
> for a number of programming languages.  If you just want the graphviz
> tools themselves, you will probably have to look into the details of
> what the port is doing for the build and strip out the parts you don't want.
> All you probably need are the patches used by the port to successfully
> build the sources.  They are located along side the .cygport file at the
> location indicated by Yaakov.  If you grab those patches and apply them
> to the sources you downloaded earlier, you can probably perform your
> original build without error.
> -Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy.  I like to try the patches.  But I get the source from
svn rather than the git as Yaakov suggested.  Actually, I am not so
well understand the page
 How should I get files from there? If I click on the file, I will be
just bring into another web page with file source shown with line

Another question is, what patches I should apply?  Only the 2.26.* or
the all other 2.*.* patches?  Thanks a lot.

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