1.7.x: Installation fails in post install scripts - abnormal exit: exit code=128

Lance Finney lmfinney@alum.wustl.edu
Tue Oct 12 12:51:00 GMT 2010

>> From: Lance Finney
>> 3. I can't even run rebaseall (it says "/usr/bin/ash: /bin/rebaseball:
>> not found")
>If that is your actual message, it appears you entered an extraneous
>"b". Have the world series on your mind?
>--Ken Nellis

Good catch. Thanks.

It runs now and improves the situation somewhat (at least 'ls' works
now), but I still don't have a home directory and 'less' doesn't work,

(Sorry this isn't replying within the thread - I wasn't subscribed,
but now I am)

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