ocaml: patches needed

Damien Doligez damien.doligez@inria.fr
Wed Oct 13 13:47:00 GMT 2010


> Thanks for updating OCaml to use FlexDLL.  There are some further
> patches required for a fully-functional OCaml:

I agree with your suggestions, and I'll use your patches and cygport
file, except for the way you implement this:

> 2) package camlp4 separately due to its size;

I think it's a bad idea to have something named "ocaml" that doesn't
implement the full upstream package.  What I will do instead is:

ocaml-base   for the system except camlp4
ocaml-camlp4 for camlp4
ocaml        an empty helper package that depends on ocaml-base and ocaml-camlp4

I'm not sure what to name the base package: it could be ocaml-base or
ocaml-core.  Is there a generally-accepted naming convention for such

-- Damien

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