Creating an installation package

Brandon Chase
Wed Oct 13 16:30:00 GMT 2010

>  I'm trying to create an installation package for an update
> m68k toolchain (will 
> not be uploaded to the Cygwin server). I have the tars of
> binutils, newlib, and 
> gcc as well as some patches. What is the best way to create
> an installation 
> package for these three? I've looked on but it seems like 
> I may only need a setup.ini file to install the packages.
> What is the best way 
> to start? 
------------Marco Atzeri writes:--------------------------
>>setup.exe use setup.ini to recognize the several packages
>>available on site
>>setup.ini is built by genini from the available setup.hint's
>>for every package.
>>When you have everything in place you can use
>>setup.exe -X  -O -s http://your_site_name
>>to install the package from your site.

Is there any way to do it without creating a server (i.e. apache) to run CVS on? 
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