Fwd: gsl linking

Sergey Ivanov icegood1980@gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 16:07:00 GMT 2010

OK! I understand. 'Bottom' libraries should be in the end of list. Now
works! Yeah i had such troubles before with my own libraries and then
i found this tendency. But... forget it again.

To Marco Atzeri:
$(compiler) $< $(db_o) $(foreach pth, $(sublibpathes), "-I$(pth)") \
       $(foreach pth, $(sublibpathes), "-L$(pth)") -L/usr/lib -lgsl
-lgslcblas -lm \
 $(foreach pth, $(notdir $(sublibraries)), "-l$(pth)") -I$(prog_path) -o $@

sublibpathes - there is my own list of static libraries
Kind regards,
Sergey Ivanov

Kind regards,
Sergey Ivanov

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