getting 'clear' to work in Emacs shell

Tue Oct 19 08:55:00 GMT 2010

Jeff Rancier wrote:
> The 'clear' work's  in a Cygwin Bash session,
> C106426@USLINY2R86KRP8 ~
> $ alias  clear
> alias clear='cat ~/.cls'

Umm... why have you done this?
| $ man clear
| clear(1)                                                              clear(1)
|        clear - clear the terminal screen
| ...

> within Emacs:
> C-z runs the command  shell
>    which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `shell'.
> (shell  &optional BUFFER)

Odd. I see
| C-z runs the command suspend-frame, which is an interactive compiled
| Lisp function in `frame.el'.
Perhaps you have customised this?

> All I get within an Emacs shell session is the following, without
> clearing the
> screen.  Is there  some envionment variable I need to set here?

| M-x eshell


Alternatively you might like to read -
"When the "clear" command is entered into the bash shell, it is expected
to clear the entire shell buffer. However, this does not work for bash
shell under Gnu Emacs. The following lisp statements solve the problem."

(Note: I haven't actually tried the indicated elisp, but my point is
that this does not really seem to be a Cygwin problem, rather an emacs
one... if it is really a problem at all. If the suggeted solution
doesn't work there are more emacs specific lists where you would
probably be better off asking.)

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