getting 'clear' to work in Emacs shell

Oleksandr Gavenko
Tue Oct 19 10:45:00 GMT 2010

On 19.10.2010 11:55, Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
> shell-mode does not understand terminal ESC sequences.
> For example there exist special functions:
> ansi-color-for-comint-mode-on
> ansi-color-for-comint-mode-off
I want say that some useful terminal ESC sequences Emacs shell-mode
can handle properly.

Other like generated by clear is not.

But in shell-mode Emacs set TERM=dumb, from manual for 'clear'
it uses terminfo db, so must not generate any output.

So or your terminfo db damaged or you have invalid TERM env var in 
(for example it can be set in ~/.bashrc).

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