How to write to shared memory?

Cameron, Barrett
Wed Oct 20 07:02:00 GMT 2010

I have a bash loop which I have significantly sped up by using:

for ((i=0;i<=Z;i++)); do echo $i; done

instead of other format for loops as well as using internal math like:


Instead of let or expr. This process is now heaps faster but I want to
echo the data to a file but not have to write to a file on each loop
cycle as it slows it down.

On native linux you would write:

echo $NEWX > /dev/shm/new 

and then at the end of all the loops at the end of the script write to a
file with:

cat /dev/shm/new > $OUT

--> Finally to the question. How do you do this with Cygwin?? 



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