Bash problems, strace, performance, etc.

Ken Brown
Fri Oct 22 21:47:00 GMT 2010

On 10/22/2010 12:32 AM, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 21 October 2010 22:22, Lee D. Rothstein wrote:
>>> do you have bash-completion, if yes, get rid of it and try again.
>> Bash completion is installed on my system but never loaded; i.e.,
>> /etc/bash_completion is not sourced in '~/.bashrc', or
>> '~/.profile', or anywhere else.
> It gets loaded by /etc/profile.d/, which is sourced
> by /etc/profile.

I wonder if this was a packaging bug in bash-completion.  Eric's 
( said 
the following:

You MUST edit your bash startup files to load bash-completion into 
memory: make sure ~/.bashrc sources /etc/bash_completion, and 
~/.bash_profile sources ~/.bashrc.  See /etc/defaults/etc/skel/.bashrc 
(after installing base-files-3.7-1) for an example.  Bash completions is 
not enabled by default because it adds some noticeable startup delay to 
every interactive shell (about 1.5 seconds on my 2.5 GHz WinXP). 
Depending on the reaction on the cygwin mailing list, a future release 
may make bash_completion turned on by default for every bash user, with 
no edits to ~/.bashrc required.


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