bash script + heredoc + tftp = bash ends unexpectedly

Tue Oct 26 12:13:00 GMT 2010

Csaba Raduly wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 11:24 AM, Gary  wrote:
>> Gary wrote:
>>> The result of which is that I briefly see "hmmmm..." before the
> script,
>>> terminal (mintty), and bash processes all simply vanish. Now, even if
> my
>>> script is wrong, that seems... just mean.
>> Hmm. Only happens if I start the script from the current directory,
> like so:
>>  . foo
> Note that the dot above does not mean the current directory. It is the
> same as
> source foo

Yeah, I know. I had forgotten, but investigating reminded me :)

> I think the difference between the two cases is that ". foo" executes
> the commands in foo in the current bash instance (as if you typed them
> at the prompt)
> Are you sure you don't have "exit" in your script somewhere?



Just ignore me.

Nothing to see here.

Move along now, move along.

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