cygwin-1.7.7: tclsh84 does not pass environment to exec sub-process

Stas Maximov
Sat Oct 30 03:45:00 GMT 2010


Using cygwin 1.7.7, tclsh84 does not pass its environment to a sub-process created with exec command. 

Test case:

# Starting from cygwin bash command line,
# record your current environment
$ env | sort > env0.txt

# Start tclsh84
$ tclsh84

# Execute the same command from tclsh84, exit
% exec env | sort > env1.txt
% exit

# Compare two environments
$ diff -u env0.txt env1.txt

# Observe large number of environment variables not present in env1.txt.


1. Is this new to 1.7? My vague recollection is that this was not a problem in cygwin 1.5.
2. Is there a quick workaround? E.g. tclsh flag or environment variable or replacing cygwin1.dll with older version.

Please CC me when replying.

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