Fwd: Windows File permissions are not being inherited - Cygwin 1.7 - Windows 7

Rolf Campbell rcampbell-cygwin@dragonwaveinc.com
Wed Sep 1 12:50:00 GMT 2010

On 2010-09-01 04:00, Harie Ram wrote:
> The issue that I am currently facing is : the modify permissions given
> to the INSTALLDIR "C:\Cygwin" using the msi lock permission table is
> being inherited through all the subfolders and files. Any new manually
> created folders and files anywhere within C:\Cygwin via Windows
> explorer or via the Cygwin Bash Shell are inheriting permissions. But
> any new installations done by the user by choosing a package from the
> Cygwin list are not inheriting the permissions. The installed user who
> installs the package has full permissions to delete/modify the folder
> and its contents . But the local admin/administrator/system does not
> have permissions. It gives an access denied error. These 3 user groups
> administrators/system/users are not even being listed in the security
> properties of those installed folders.

AFAIK, Cygwin uses POSIX style file permissions, which do not support 
any type of inherited file permissions.

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