How to undo mount on cygwin 1.5

Christopher Faylor
Wed Sep 1 21:09:00 GMT 2010

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 05:05:17PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 08:56:32PM +0000, Saurabh T wrote:
>>I was trying to get the "execvp: argument list too long" error to go
>>away while using make on cygwin, and followed the instructions mentioned
>>in several posts such as this one:
>That should no longer be necessary.  Cygwin, by default, has a very long
>command line length.
>>Accordingly, I did this in my cygwin bash shell:
>>mount -X -b -f c:/cygwin/bin /usr/bin
>>mount -X -b -f c:/cygwin/bin /bin
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/strace.exe /usr/bin/strace.exe
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/strace.exe /bin/strace.exe
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/cygcheck.exe /usr/bin/cygcheck.exe
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/cygcheck.exe /bin/cygcheck.exe
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/strace.exe /usr/bin/strace
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/strace.exe /bin/strace
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/cygcheck.exe /usr/bin/cygcheck
>>mount -x -b -f c:/cygwin/bin/cygcheck.exe /bin/cygcheck
>>thinking that they would be temporary as mentioned in some emails on the
>>list. Turns out they are temporary on cygwin 1.7 but not on the older
>>version which I'm using. I rebooted the machine yet "mount" showed the
>>results of above.
>>How to I undo the above and get back the original mount state? umount
>>does not have the complementary options.
>If you are seeing permanent mounts after using mount and rebooting then
>you are not running Cygwin 1.7.x.
>This is one of the many reasons that we ask people to follow the problem
>reporting guidelines at: .

Sorry.  I didn't read your email as thoroughly as I should have.

Scratch all of the above.  You've stated that you're using an old,
unsupported version of Cygwin.  If you didn't save your original mount
state there is no way to get back to the pristine state.  You can umount
some of the obvious stuff above though, and remount c:/cygwin/bin
without the -X.

And, FYI, Cygwin 1.5 is in an "as-is" state.  We don't really support it
here anymore.


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