Building Mutt: configure: invalid value of canonical build

Michael Ludwig
Wed Sep 1 22:48:00 GMT 2010

Matthias Andree schrieb am 01.09.2010 um 02:19 (+0200):

> It's your problem if you don't like the answers.

Not a problem at all, actually. :-)

> Your "fix" attempts break the build system further, meaning that:
> if you "touch config.sub", you create a blank canonicalization
> script, so don't complain about canonicalization errors or other
> malfunctions -- you triggered those yourself. You chose the blue
> pill, asking for blitheness, joy, and ignorance.

No, I *am* ignorant considering autoconf/automake, and I'm aware of
it. And I was aware my touchy fix might create new problems, that's
why I included it in my report so more knowledgeable people (like
you) could point it out.

          (o o)
------oOOo-(_)-oOOo------ framing excellent advice -----------------
> So to sell you a faint clue of what the red pill might have provided
> if you had so chosen: a *real* config.sub is what should be doing
> the canonicalization -- a blank script won't achieve that. automake
> --add-missing (which is called as part of ./prepare) is what would
> install a set of real config.sub, install-sh, missing, and related
> scripts.

Thanks! It worked exactly as you described! I wasn't aware there was
a step to be done before `configure'.

> The question of if the mutt distribution is incomplete is a distinct
> one - and the command line you showed on Monday works fine on a mutt
> HEAD checkout from the Mercurial repo if you follow Csaba's advice;
> however you can usually just omit --build=... and the auto* built
> stuff will call config.guess to figure.

Right. I imagined something in the source package was missing because
I don't usually have to specify --build.

Is that `prepare' script a standard step in autoconf? Or is it a
custom feature of either Mutt or Cygwin or something else?

One of these days I'll finally get around to sort out the GNU build
suite stuff.
Michael Ludwig

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