.exe magic in Cygwin

Jeremy Bopp jeremy@bopp.net
Thu Sep 2 21:23:00 GMT 2010

On 9/2/2010 3:44 PM, Al wrote:
>> setup.exe to download the sources and several prerequisite tools (cygport,
>> autoconf, ...), then using 'cygport coreutils-8.5-1 prep make'.  Other ways
>> work, but I won't support them on this list.  See also
> As a want to come a hybrid of Cygwin and Gentoos Emerge installer, I
> rather have to figure out one of those hidden ways. If I can't find
> it, I have to fall back from Cygwin to Interix. But that would cut
> half of my target group.

Cygport is rather similar to emerge/ebuild already.  You might find it
worthwhile to give it a look.

>> /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/coreutils.README.
> Yes, it's time to dig a little deeper into the Cygwin scripts. It has
> to be scriptable in the end. Then I can get it into Emerge. A
> graphical setup.exe is the wrong way for my approach. However there
> are scripts below.

If all you need is a way to install existing Cygwin packages from the
command line, you can do that quite well with setup.exe.  It has many
command line options which help automate the installation process.

If you want to build a replacement anyway, you should probably delve
into why nothing like what you want exists already.  This issue comes up
repeatedly on this list, so you should be able to find much in the list


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