How 'exec 1<&-; exec 2<&-' work?

Oleksandr Gavenko
Fri Sep 3 08:48:00 GMT 2010

I develop gtk app under Windows and in order to run it I need start 
Cygwin X Windows.

To start X Windows I use Makefile rule:

.PHONY: cygwin-startx
	XWin -multiwindow &

But when I invoke this target in native GNU Emacs
by M-x compile in *Compilation*  buffer I see XWin output and compilation
not complete. So next M-x compile Emacs prompt

   A compilation process is running; kill it? (yes or no)

I intuitively change command to

   exec 1<&-; exec 2<&-; XWin -multiwindow &

and now Emacs compilation finished and server work in background.

I really don't  understand what magic exec do.

Can anyone point me?

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