cygwin - rsync question

Dan Miller
Sat Sep 4 18:45:00 GMT 2010

Hi Steven,

Thanks for taking the time to think about this. You are correct the 
rsync daemon is running locally, and the network share is mounted 
locally, my thought (which as you say could be entirely wrong) was that 
the local rsync daemon doesn't seem to have the correct permissions to 
modify the mounted local share. Again, if I run the script locally on a 
local file and back it up to another drive on the local machine, 
everything works perfectly, it's only when I try to modify a mounted 
share that I get errors.


use chroot = true
strict modes = false
log file=/cygdrive/c/Datafiles/batch_jobs/log_files/rsync.log

path = /backups
comment = Dan's Offsite storage area (requires authentication)
read only = false

and the command to invoke rsync in my script is as follows

BDIR9 =/cygdrive/c/data
BSERVER =localhost

OPTS="-avv --no-g --no-p --chmod=ugo+rwX --modify-window=1 --delete 
--delete-excluded --exclude-from=$EXCLUDES --link-dest=../daily.1"

rsync $OPTS $BDIR9 $BSERVER::backups/$ROOTBKUP/daily.0

thanks again


On 9/4/2010 10:48 AM, Steven Monai wrote:
> On 2010/09/04 9:30 AM, Dan Miller wrote:
>> I'm running windows XP
>> Cygwin with latest updates
>> I have a bash script that sets up a directory structure for rsync to
>> perform incremental backups. It all works fine locally.
>> I'd like to use the same approach to backup my local files to a windows
>> network share on a server.
>> I have the windows network share mounted by /etc/fstab to a directory in
>> my root folder. Cygwin can read and create/delete files and directories
>> on the mount point but when I execute an rsync command from the script
>> it contacts the daemon and begins to send the file list but then it fails.
> Something doesn't quite make sense here. If you have the network share
> mounted in your local filesystem, then rsync should not be contacting a
> remote daemon, since both the source and destination are local. What is
> the command-line you are using to invoke rsync?
>> error is
>> rsync: read error: Software caused connection abort (113).
>> I also get a mkdir and chroot error if I try to save backup copies
>> within rsync.
> Again, what is the rsync command-line that causes this?
>> it seems the rsync instance doesn't have appropriate permissions on the
>> mounted network share.
>> Is there a workaround for this ....? the way I mount the share in
>> /etc/fstab perhaps?
> You mentioned that you *are* able to access files on the network share.
> So it is unlikely that rsync would be specifically denied access by some
> setting in your fstab. My suspicion is that you are invoking rsync
> incorrectly, but, unfortunately, you neglected to state your commands.
>> current mount looks like this:
>> //networkshare/backup/daily /backups   smbfs user,posix=0,noacl
>> thanks in advance for any help.
> -SM
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