OpenGL linking problems

David Doria
Sat Sep 4 23:16:00 GMT 2010

> Well, we need more info to help us help you. What kind of application are you trying to build? X11 or native? There are 2 ways to build OpenGL-related programs:
> 1- Using native OpenGL, with driver supported hardware acceleration. For that, you need some way to
> get a graphic device context. One portable way to do that is to use the GLUT library, provided by
> the opengl package that I maintain. Look at the doc in /usr/share/doc/opengl-1.1.0 to learn how to
> do that.
> The OpenGL implementation in that case is provided by Window's opengl32.dll. Cygwin's w32api package
> provides the headers and link library for that version of OpenGL.
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH has no effect if you go that way.
> 2- Using X11, which provides an opengl implementation. At one point, there was support for hardware
> acceleration; then, it went away; I don't know if it came back or if it is coming back "soon". I will let the maintainer of the libGL* packages answer questions you may have about it. You would better send them to cygwin-xfree at cygwin dot com .
>> Thanks,
>> David
> - André Bleau, Cygwin's opengl package maintainer.

Hi André,

I think I'm trying to build an X11 application - I'm trying to use a
library called VTK ( I don't believe it uses
glut, and I do see a bunch of X11 options in the CMake files. Even if
there is no support for hardware acceleration with this method, it
should still build, right?

I do have C:\Windows\System32\opengl32.dll . I should also have the
w32api package because I installed all of the cygwin packages.

Any other thoughts of things that would causes these linking errors?

Thanks for your help so far,


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