permission denied when removing files on remote file share that is offline

Thielemans, Kris
Mon Sep 6 14:34:00 GMT 2010


I think my problem appeared after upgrading to cygwin  1.7.7 but it might have been present before that as well, I am not sure.

I'm using a file share with Offline Folders such that I can access it when not connected to our intranet. In cygwin I cannot remove any files that I create on the share when it's offline: 

  $  touch /xxx/testfile
  $ rm /xxx/testfile
  rm: cannot remove `/xxx/testfile': Permission denied

I can create/modify the files without trouble, but not delete them. I can delete the file with Windows Explorer. getfacl doesn't show anything strange. I can delte the file once the file share gets @connected@ again. Everything works fine on my local disks. 

This happens both when specifying the file share, or when using a drive letter:

  $ mount //fileserver/myusername$ /xxx

  $ mount h: /xxx

Some extra info:
$ net use
New connections will be remembered.
Status       Local     Remote                    Network
OK           H:        \\fileserver\myusername$               Microsoft Windows Network
The command completed successfully.

after mounting the file share explicitly
$ mount |grep xxx
//fileserver/myusername$ on /xxx type ntfs (binary,notexec,user)

Anyone any suggestions?



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